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Navigating LegalTech: A Conversation with Steve O'Brien, CEO/ Founder of Newicon

We are excited to share an exclusive interview with Steve O’Brien, the visionary Founder and CEO of Newicon. This year, Newicon took on a pivotal role as the headline sponsor for the Future Lawyer UK conference, underscoring their commitment to innovation in the legal field. Following the event, Steve shared with us his insights and experiences, shedding light on the future of the legal industry.

What are you most looking forward to on Private Practice Day? Sessions, speakers, networking/tech, etc?

Being part of the panel and giving a keynote were personal highlights; the audience were really receptive to the ideas I made, but meeting and talking with people in law and the area of legal tech was also eye-opening. LegalTech is a new field for Newicon, so our main aim was to network with a variety of people to understand the technical nuances in the field.

What shift in innovation technology and adoption in the last couple of years (post pandemic), whether a process or technology or trends, excites you the most and why?

The adoption of AI is a huge opportunity for the world, and it's a technology that's excited me most for many years. I'm looking forward to seeing more development in the arena of Artificial General Intelligence (AGI), where we’ll see AI that behaves more like a human brain with its capacity to learn and adapt to a variety of tasks.

What is the best part about attending conferences like this for you? Why are conferences like this important?

Attending conferences is a great way for us as a company to connect to new industries, share knowledge, and meet a number of influential people in one fell swoop. Having attended previous Cosmonauts events, we knew that the calibre of attendees would be high and the event would be impeccably managed.

Have you attended Future Lawyer UK before? How was your experience at the conference today?

This was my first Future Lawyer UK event, and it was an interesting and engaging experience. I'd certainly come back again in the future.

What is your key takeaway overall?

Fundamentally, as legalTech is a new area of interest for Newicon, I wanted to understand the problems and issues that were faced by the legal industry. As a software company, I could see that our specialty in providing innovative and bespoke solutions to company-specific problems would be a great disruptive energy that legaltech and legalOps could hugely benefit from.

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